Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack (f.1986)

Multidisciplinary artist.


Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack is a multidisciplinary artist from Denmark. She has a masters in Informatic Science and is working as a freelance front-end web designer, art teacher and artist.

Dyveke uses different techniques in her work, combining painting with textiles and threading. Her work is influenced by her upbringing in both Funen, Denmark and Greenland- inspired by specific places, nature, memories and people and the sentiments they represent.

Her childhood was heavily rooted in art, both from countless visits to museums and galleries to having creative guidance from her grandfather:
“As a kid I used to sneak into my grandfather’s studio, just to smell the paint, look at the colors, sense the light in the room and touch the bristles of his brushes – I loved that place”.

After spending endless hours studying his use of color; his paintings have had an inevitable impact on her own colorworks.

Dyveke is an autodidact artist bringing old craftsmanship into a new era with her textile art. Her works are abstract, with the chaotic parts in multiple layers standing opposite to the simpler areas, including her use of negative space. Experimenting and exploring color, are a vital part of her practice.

She is an active member of the Art Escape Collective and have previous collaborated with IMMART on Childrens Art Workshops for the Artival festival in Copenhagen.

Her latest exhibitions include a group exhibition with IMMART and Gallerie Lorien at Bornholm as well as a Solo exhibition at Art Escape Studios.

Artist Statement

Exploring the Boundaries of Art:

My practice of art is a fusion of diverse mediums, primarily centered around painting and embroidery. Through this unique combination, I delve into the realm of colors, textures, and emotions, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms to create something new and captivating.

My art practice is characterized by its versatility. I have explored various mediums, each adding a distinct layer to my creative process. Whether it’s the vibrant strokes of acrylics, the delicacy of watercolors, or the tactile beauty of textiles, I embrace the challenge of merging these diverse elements into a harmonious whole.

At the heart of my practice lies the intriguing combination of painting and embroidery. This unconventional pairing allows me to add depth and dimension to my artworks, giving life to my ideas in ways that are both visual and tactile. The juxtaposition of the two techniques results in a rich tapestry of textures, colors, and emotions that invites viewers to explore and interact with my creations on a profoundly sensory level.

Colors are the language of my art, and I use them to convey the complex emotions and stories that inhabit my imagination. From the bold and vibrant to the soft and subtle, I experiment fearlessly with a wide spectrum of hues. Each color tells a story, evokes an emotion, and forms a part of the larger narrative I am weaving with my art.

My Inspiration:

My work draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, from the natural world to the depths of human emotion. I am particularly interested in exploring themes of our connection with nature, identity, memory, and the intricate connections that bind us all. Including the stories, we tell each other. The myths and folklore tales holds a timeless narrative, rich in symbolism and cultural significance, which I find eternally inspiring. The universal themes and archetypes that resonate with people across generations and cultures tells me that humans are alike no matter where we originate from.

In my art practice, I invite you to join me on a journey of exploration and discovery. Through the fusion of painting and embroidery, the interplay of colors, and the exploration of diverse mediums, I aim to challenge conventions, ignite emotions, and create a lasting impact. My art is a reflection of the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity knows no boundaries.


Projects and exhibitions:

Aug. 2023: Solo Exhibition Tupilak – and other tales from the north, Art Escape Studios.

May 2023: Group Exhibition with IMMART and Gallerie Lorien RE:CONNECT, Gallerie Lorien.

May 2023: Two art workshops for Children at the Artival, in collaboration with IMMART.

May 2023: Catching Sunbeams Exhibition at Bistro Cocorico.

Nov. 2022: Christmas Group Exhibition, Art Escape Studios.

June 2022: Solo Exhibition Catching Sunbeams, Art Escape Studios.

May 2022: Group Exhibition Introspective, Art Escape Studios.

April-June 2022: Part of WISE program with We Are Entrepreneurs and Erasmus+.

Nov 2021: Group Exhibition Completely Unknown, Art Escape Studios.

June 2021: Group Exhibition Pineapple Summer, Kester Thomas.

May 2021: Group Exhibition with Art Escape Collective, Cobham, Lyngby.